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Merry Quiz-mas

Yeah, I know. It’s already December 30 so I’m a bit late wishing everyone a happy christmas.

The real reason I’m here is that I saw this clip as part of a Two Ronnies retrospective over the holidays. It’s probably the funniest quiz-related piece of tv ever – and damn clever too.  Someone must have had a real “Eureka!” moment when they thought it up. 🙂

Anyone got any other clips that give it a run for its money?

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Here we go so.  The answers to the questions I posted yesterday.

No doubt some of you thought “Oh how did he get that one wrong?!” on several occasions.  All I can do is come over all Gallic, shrug my shoulders and say “Bouffe”. The free chili chicken wings must have affected my brain.

Mind you, we did have an awful time with question #11 below.  By accident or design, the exact reverse of that question had been asked earlier in the night i.e. “Person X invented what Christmas item in 1843?” As we’d actually fluked the right answer then, I hadn’t bothered to take note of this fact, letting it slip from my brain like the curriculum of a completed exam. Oh, the frustration that decision caused about one hour later!


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Even Santa struggles with Christmas questions.After the ice-enforced two week break, I was pleased on two accounts when I made my way back to Gilligan’s for the Tuesday Quiz Night, last evening.  Firstly, it turned out that the quiz itself had been called off for the past fortnight – so I hadn’t missed anything.  Secondly, as it was the last quiz before Christmas, it was their annual “Christmas Quiz”!

What did that mean? Well, firstly there was free food! Happy days for me!  Also, there was a free raffle for all participants. Lady luck finally smiled on yours truly and I finished the night with a box of Milk Tray under my arm… 🙂

Alas, the final part of the seasonal trinity, questions about Christmas, didn’t suit me near as well.


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Good day to you all.

Here are the answers to the questions I posted in yesterday’s Don’t bet the farm on it post.

Some of these were a wee bit controversial, and I’ve included footnotes to explain why.


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In desperate need of a quiz fix to get over the blog’s enforced Winter break, myself and two buddies went along to last night’s Mayo Macra na Feirme quiz in The Western Hotel, Claremorris.

Once there, two things became very apparent. Macra na Feirme is a youth movement (it pretty much translates as “Young Farmers”) and the crowd were a good bit younger than us. I felt a very old 33!

The other issue on show was that this younger generation seem to have no shame when it comes to cheating. Well, certainly this lot didn’t.  It was iPhones to the left of me and iPhones to the right of me. The table beside us, featuring three girls and one guy, took out their phones (two of them) sometime during round #2 and kept them on their laps for the rest of the night. And, what’s more, they still felt enough pride in their work to cheer each question they’d gotten right when the answers were read out!


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Anyone who lives in Ireland knows that we’ve been hit with a week of shockingly cold weather.

OK, it’s not that shocking if you’re from a country where it gets really cold, but to us it’s meant that schools are closed, roads are “treacherous” and, most appalingly of all, quizzes are cancelled.

Well, certainly the Claremorris GAA Quiz I was due to go to last Friday night was called off. Gilligan’s quiz may still be going on every Tuesday night but I’m not willing to drive over and find out.

In other news, the Zodiak Media Group have been in contact with the blog, asking me to inform my readers that contestants are being sought for the fifth series of Only Connect.

The only drawback is that you have to be a resident of the UK – so the only way I could enter a team (of three) would be to pretend I live across the border! Still, if you do live in the right place, and wouldn’t mind meeting Victoria Coren ;-), you can request an application form at onlyconnect@presentable.co.uk.

For more info on the show, check www.bbc.co.uk/onlyconnect

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