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Buried deep within the press release announcing TV3’s new Autumn/Winter schedule is the news that Ireland’s third television channel is bringing us a local version of famous British uber-quiz Mastermind.

Ok, I admit it.  It’s not exactly hidden.  It’s just that it took me four days to become aware of the news.

Further details on the show are thin on the ground at the moment.  All we do know is that former Fine Gael TD, Minister for Justice and answer to a famous quiz question, Nora Owen, will take on the role of being Ireland’s John Humphrys.

So little else turns up when one enters “Mastermind Ireland” into google that I must believe (hope) that the show’s production is still some weeks away.  There’s no sign of any contestants being recruiting just yet.  Whenever any further info comes to light, I’ll be sure to get it up onto this site.

I’m quite excited about this.  It’ll be great to have a serious, weekly quiz on our TV screens.  Heck, maybe it’ll leap into popular culture and become one of those shows discussed the morning after at water coolers and 11am breaks? For this week, at least, we can dream…

PS I’ve been reminded that I actually discussed this very idea on national radio once. 🙂 Check out the post ‘Trivia with Tubridy‘.

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Merry Quiz-mas

Yeah, I know. It’s already December 30 so I’m a bit late wishing everyone a happy christmas.

The real reason I’m here is that I saw this clip as part of a Two Ronnies retrospective over the holidays. It’s probably the funniest quiz-related piece of tv ever – and damn clever too.  Someone must have had a real “Eureka!” moment when they thought it up. 🙂

Anyone got any other clips that give it a run for its money?

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Thanks for coming

I've started so I'll finish

I've started so I'll finish

Hands up anyone who hasn’t received an answer book yet.

We’ll be starting in 5 minutes….

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