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Here are the answers to the questions posed in the Tag Rugby post yesterday.

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A rugby ball, wow!Being a young (well, youngish) professional living in an urban environment without a regular sporting outlet, it’s almost inevitable that I would end up playing Tag Rugby during the summer months.

Our local tag league hosted a table quiz for charity following last night’s programme of games, with almost all teams in the league entering a team. As we obviously had nothing else to do, our team entered three teams!

The questions were mostly* well-thought-out and the standard of answering was high.  The winning team finished up on 56 out of 60**, with my own brigade in joint-third on 54. Yes, it was that tight.

You can check out the picture round and the questions that defeated us by clicking on the continue…


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Wordle answers

Here are the answers to the Wordle pictures I posted yesterday.

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Ever heard of wordle.net?

It’s a very handy website which generates word clouds from any block of text, identifying individual words and then showing them at a size relative to their frequency (in the fashion of the Topics box on the right of this page).

Since things are a bit quiet these days on the quizzing scene, I’ve come up with a use for wordle.net.  After the continue… you’ll find Wordles of 10 famous songs (or their lyrics, to be accurate).  See if you can identify them from the words alone.

Here’s ‘Firestarter‘ by The Prodigy, by way of an easy example:

Firestarter (more…)

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