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We’re into Bonus Time this afternoon as I did find a spare half hour to recreate the Movie theme tunes round from last Monday night’s Movie Quiz in Kelly’s Bar.

Of course, there were 10 tracks on the night but Soundcloud‘s snazzy anti-piracy thingy has once again stopped two of them from uploading. Cos I’m really ripping somebody off by playing the opening 30 seconds of their song…

Movie themes:

I’ll post the answers to these, along with the answers to this morning’s post, sometime tomorrow.

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When we were young

Kelly’s Bar in Galway hosted its third Movie Quiz on Monday night.  We may have won the first quiz, two months back, but we felt as if we were well off the pace last time out, when we eventually won a playoff to finish third.  Could we up our game this week?

Well, yes (slightly).  We ended up in another playoff – this time for second place.  Mikey once again strode forth as our champion in this joust. Once again, I don’t think I’m doing him down to say it was quite an easy playoff.  Following on from identifying the whistled melody from The Bridge On The River Kwai, which he got in about 0.5 of a second last month, this time were told it would be a snippet of dialogue from a movie.  The bar held its breath (collectively). The audio file struck up and we heard:

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes…”

And that was as far as it got before Mike put his hand in the air. Perhaps it’s because I’m the age I am but isn’t that a bit of a gimme?* Then again, I guess it wasn’t for Mike’s opponent in the playoff.

Congrats to the winners ‘Tango versus Cash: This time it’s personal’. That’s two months in a row they’ve won now. They were two points ahead of us at half-time and finished with the same margin of victory.  Well done there.


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The Bloodening: answers

Here are the answers to the questions in yesterday’s discretely titled Move Quiz II: The Bloodening.

First off, check out the accompanying picture (click for a larger version).  It’s the poster I mentioned yesterday.  As in, during a round in which posters were doctored to remove all text, this is the only one our team couldn’t identify.  To be honest, even after it was revealed, I still couldn’t say I’d ever heard of this film!

If you’d like to give this quiz a go, you still can.  At the end of the night, the MC announced that there will be at least one more Movie Quiz before the summer comes. Keep an eye on this site, I’ll post it into the calendar as soon as I hear about it.


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Do you recognise her?

Kelly’s Bar, Galway, hosted the second quiz in their late-in-the-year movie series last night.  We were the defending champions, having beaten off all competition last month, when the quiz was initiated (or perhaps resurrected, for those of us with long enough memories).

By half-time, we pretty much knew that we wouldn’t be winning again.  By then, we were in fourth following a shocker of a round – 5/10 in ‘Film Scores’.  Just like the All-Ireland final last November, one (terrible) round was to prove the difference between winning and not winning.

That said, we did manage to grab third place. We actually ended up in joint-third, on 66/80.  Mind you, we thought we’d scored 67* but, no matter, our main man Mike bravely went up to the stage to take part in a play-off.  The tie-breaker was to involve the playing of yet another film score excerpt. As soon as one of the guys taking part put up their hand the music would stop and they could give an answer.  However, if they got it wrong, the other side automatically won. I don’t think Mike will be too offended if I suggest that the tune they did play (the theme from Bridge On the River Kwai) was towards the easy end of the spectrum and, sure enough, he won the race to get his hand into the air. 🙂


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Here are the answers to the questions posted yesterday.

Hope you did well with these.  Ourselves, we had a few near-misses amongst them. We thought Home and Away began in 1989, we picked the wrong Wexford town for #7 and we answered ‘O’ to #10.

That last one being marked incorrect seems a bit harsh but it didn’t matter in the end so I shalln’t complain.


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In good company

On Thursday night last, the blog (and I) had a bit of a landmark event.  Two weeks ago, I threw open the doors to the tablequiz.net calendar, asking anyone who’s organising/hosting/involved with an upcoming quiz to submit their details here.

My Galway quiz buddies were attracted to the Monster Company table quiz in Fagan’s Bar and thus, for the first time, I attended a quiz that a tablequiz.net reader had organised.

One of our number works at Medtronic, in Ballybrit, so that was the company we represented for the sake of the quiz. We didn’t let them down, eventually winning by five points with a score of 85/100.

The quiz was a well-run affair with some highs and lows. The highest high: the snazziest half-time finger food ever (we’re talking Michelin Star stuff here – the dipping sauces arrived in shot glasses!).  The lowest low: the MC’s mic was very loud.  Perhaps we were unfortunate and just happened to be sitting directly under a speaker, but the volume was so high as to prevent any relaxing chit-chat. We had a running joke about getting the odd word in, just in the gaps between words coming from the MC.

Bizarrely, this quiz featured the easiest question I’ve ever heard at an adult table quiz. I can’t dodge round it. If ever there was a question you’d feel comfortable putting the house on EVERYBODY in the room getting it right, it might just be:

  • What global event took place between 1939 and 1945?

This wasn’t representative of the quiz at all. It was just a weird outlier. So weird that I felt I had to tell you all about it! 🙂


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Time for the answers to the movie themed questions I posted yesterday.

A very enjoyable, if slow*, quiz and great value too at €20 per table.  Also, it featured the best table name I’ve heard in a while: Tequila Mockingbird! It didn’t have to be a movie quiz for that name to stand out.

Right, I’ll get on with posting up these answers as this is probably the busiest week in the blog’s history.  I’ve already got another four posts lined up – after this one!


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Back in the saddle

Back in the day, by which I mean back before this blog existed, I used to make a monthly pilgrimage from Ennis to Galway to take part in the Bazaar Movie Quiz.  This wasn’t a bizarre movie quiz.  No, it was a quiz held in a bar called Bazaar.

Well, Bazaar is no longer there and, since it’s closing, there’s been a movie quiz shaped void in the Galway quizzing scene. This hole was filled last night by Kelly’s Bar, Bridge Street*.

And lo!, it was good. Such a large crowd turned up that almost 100 people had to be turned away.  By the time the quiz did kick-off, the staff had managed to squeeze 27 tables into the bar’s upstairs room. Clearly, this quiz will be back!

It was also the first time our ‘A’ team got back together since the All-Ireland final last November. And lo!, we did good. 🙂


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Much debate over the scores at the Galway Rehab quiz.

It’s bumper-bonus-tonnes-o-quiz week here on the blog, as I am mid-way through three quizzes in six days. I’ll be posting a report of and some questions from quiz #2 later today.

In the meantime, here are the answers to the questions I posted yesterday in Odd ones in.

Remember, if you’d like to enter the Rehab All-Ireland Pub Quiz, there’s still plenty of time.  You can check out the list of venues and dates at this address: www.rehab.ie/foundation/pdfs/Pub-Quiz-Dates.pdf


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Odd ones in

Flashback: It’s October 2007, and three-quarters of my regular team are doing quite well in the Galway qualifier for the Rehab All-Ireland Pub Quiz. In fact, we’re two points ahead going into the final round. Alas, that final round was on food and drink and, while we rarely need a ‘Phone a friend’ lifeline, we could have done with some help that night.  A score of 4/8 saw us plummet from first to third and out of the competition.

Last night saw our full team line out in the Clayton Hotel for this year’s event.  Unlike three years ago, we did have the relative comfort of knowing that the top two teams were now going through. Yes, I know, that would’t have helped in 2007 but it did take away a bit of the pressure. Given the level of the questions we received, it turned out to be a night of very light pressure.  Pressure so lacking as to almost be a vacuum, in fact.

The night featured 10 rounds of six questions. We finished up on 56/60, one behind the winners.  Unfortunately, we were tied in second place with another team. As they only wanted two qualifiers, a tie-break was announced – we were both to face another round of six questions. This didn’t separate us though, both teams got all six right. Neither did another round of six. Or a third round after that! So, after 18 extra questions, the organisers made the fair decision that we should both go through. Huzzah! See you in Athlone!


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