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Our survery says: answers

Here is part two of Peter’s article from last week, Our survey says….

Right, I said I’d go into the Picture Round in depth.  As I said previously, it featured eight pictures of €2 coins currently in circulation. The MC also told us that, to make it easy he had added the names of the 11 original adopters, of the euro.

So our europhile Conor, had all the answers down no problem and, when the answers were announced, we had scored full marks.  However, there was huge controversy over answer 6, Greece.

Why? Because people had assumed that all of the pictures were of the countries listed in the box, some had forced the proverbial square peg in the round hole and had put Spain as the answer.  It was so bad at one stage that the MC had to make a clarification that ‘Portugal & Spain’ was not one answer and were in fact separate countries!

Meanwhile, back to those literal folks who were trying to shoehorn Spain in as the answer. Well they were shouting, there were several tables of them doing so, there was clearly a bull on the coin and Spain was one of the suggested answers. Open and shut case. It just had to be Spain. And so like Pontius Pilate, the MC bowed to the baying and released Barabbus. Sorry, I mean he accepted both Spain and Greece as correct answers.  Oh dear.

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Our survey says…

All is quite quiet in quiz land at the moment, as quizzers take part in sporting, outdoor pursuits throughout this delightful Irish summer.  However, there is still quizzing fun to be had in the city of Cork, from where long-time friend of the blog Peter writes.

I recently attended a charity quiz for a charity I’d never heard of and now can’t remember. It was held upstairs in the salubrious confines of Clancy’s Bar, Cork City. 8 rounds, 8 questions each (except for the last round, more of which later). Lots of multiple choice answers provided to the moderate and difficult questions which made the quiz quite close all the way to the final round. The final round however, threw everything open.

Interesting Questions (give these a go):

  1. What year did Glenroe finish?
  2. In what city is the Orange Bowl Stadium?
  3. Since its inception, how many of the Premier League’s teams have never been relegated?
  4. Who has won the most Wimbledon titles, Serena or Venus Williams?
  5. What is the first number with the letter ‘A’ (excluding and)?
  6. Aside from Kerry, what other county has won four All-Ireland football finals in a row?

Controversial Questions:

  1. What language is part of the Leaving Cert.: Russian, Greek, Japanese or Arabic? Answer given: Russian.  What the question should have been: “Which language is NOT part of this year’s Leaving Cert?”
  2. In alphabetical order, name the first of the seven deadly sins? The problem here is that this is not actually a standardised list.  The MC had “envy” as the answer. There were calls for “avarice” to be accepted but he told people not to be so greedy.


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