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My second Quizboo

Good afternoon all. I’ve now added a second podcast to my collection on audioboo.fm.

The lessons of last week have been learned and this one is most certainly under 5 minutes long.  However, I’m still not totally satisfied as I don’t think the audio quality is as good this time.  Still, there’s always next week.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.   In fact, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t built in a fortnight either. 🙂

Check it out below:

From here on, I don’t intend putting up a post every Friday.  So, I’ve added a new box to the right-hand menu which provides a link to the latest podcast.

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I host a show on Claremorris Community Radio every Friday morning.  It’s the Good Morning Show*, and sounds exactly you’d expect a show with that name to sound: music, diversions, you-text-in-and-I-read-it-out etc.

My own contribution to the format of the show is the Friday Five Trivia, where I ask five good questions to my faithful (or accidental) listeners.  There’s no prize on offer, it’s just a little something to blow off the cobwebs and wake up the brains out there. As I say. C’mon, I’m an amateur radio DJ! 😉

Anyway, from today I’m going to take the recording of my asking of these questions and post it on the brilliant audioboo.fm as a podcast. Here’s the first one, embedded in the post for your easy access:

If you’d like to subscribe to these weekly pods, here are the links:

Update: due to my own silliness, the end of the clip has been cut off. Click on the Continue link to see the answers.


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The Bloodening: answers

Here are the answers to the questions in yesterday’s discretely titled Move Quiz II: The Bloodening.

First off, check out the accompanying picture (click for a larger version).  It’s the poster I mentioned yesterday.  As in, during a round in which posters were doctored to remove all text, this is the only one our team couldn’t identify.  To be honest, even after it was revealed, I still couldn’t say I’d ever heard of this film!

If you’d like to give this quiz a go, you still can.  At the end of the night, the MC announced that there will be at least one more Movie Quiz before the summer comes. Keep an eye on this site, I’ll post it into the calendar as soon as I hear about it.


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Do you recognise her?

Kelly’s Bar, Galway, hosted the second quiz in their late-in-the-year movie series last night.  We were the defending champions, having beaten off all competition last month, when the quiz was initiated (or perhaps resurrected, for those of us with long enough memories).

By half-time, we pretty much knew that we wouldn’t be winning again.  By then, we were in fourth following a shocker of a round – 5/10 in ‘Film Scores’.  Just like the All-Ireland final last November, one (terrible) round was to prove the difference between winning and not winning.

That said, we did manage to grab third place. We actually ended up in joint-third, on 66/80.  Mind you, we thought we’d scored 67* but, no matter, our main man Mike bravely went up to the stage to take part in a play-off.  The tie-breaker was to involve the playing of yet another film score excerpt. As soon as one of the guys taking part put up their hand the music would stop and they could give an answer.  However, if they got it wrong, the other side automatically won. I don’t think Mike will be too offended if I suggest that the tune they did play (the theme from Bridge On the River Kwai) was towards the easy end of the spectrum and, sure enough, he won the race to get his hand into the air. 🙂


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Trivia with Tubridy

Here is the mp3 file of my appearance on the Tubridy radio show. Just click the play button to listen at your leisure.

I’m putting this here just in case the podcast link on the RTÉ site becomes defunct some day.

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bonnerJust in time for the Italy game, here are the names of the players who scored in the three audio clips posted earlier in the week.  Or rather scored immediately after the three audio clips.

I’ve also put together some photos to illustrate the answers!

Click more… to see who’s who.


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Somebody behind the scenes at Drivetime Sport on Radio One must be a quizzing fan. Perhaps it’s Des Cahill himself?  Where other shows would have one simple question and a phone number, competitions on RTÉ’s early evening show tend to engage the brain and the trivia gland.

Last week, in the buildup to the Irish football team’s two big games against Bulgaria and Italy, they ran a competition for a trip for two to the away game in Bari on Wednesday night, with flights and accommodation thrown in.

Entry was simple. Each night, from Monday to Thursday, they played the same three clips, back-to-back. All one had to do was email in the names of the players who scored immediately after the commentary was cut off.  Sort of like a ‘What happened next’ round.

Click more… to have a listen for yourself.


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the rutlesFinally, finally.  Here are the answers to the Dodgy Covers round from early today.

With it, we are now done with the raking over of the luke-warm coals from last week’s Habitat for Humanity table quiz.

I’ve milked this for all its worth just in case it’s another 4 years before I get to write another one!

Answers after the more…


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habitat_for_humanityAnd so the end is near, it’s time to face the final curtain…

That’s right, we’ve done it our way here on the blog with our re-run of the Habitat for Humanity quiz taking almost two weeks, and all that for just nine out of the 10 rounds!

Here’s the final one. It’s an audio round: Dodgy cover versions.

It’s a simple concept, you’ll hear a clip of an unusual cover version of a well-known song and you have to say the name of the song and who’s doing this version. On the night, this round was worth 20 points as we wanted both answers for each song.

You’ll find the clips after the more…


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Round 2 - Click for full sizeHere are the answers to the TV Theme Tunes round I posted earlier.

Hopefully the hosting site held up long enough for you to listen to the clips.

Click more… to see the answers.


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